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One month before Christmas! Made this just for fun.
1. whiteboard - I actually have a glass one but it’s too small for my purposes. I end up drawing fun stuff on it when I’m bored. I need a large whiteboard since the programs I’ve been constructing lately are too complex. And me being a visual learner, seeing all the ideas on a whiteboard makes everything easier.
2. Star Wars moleskine - Why? It’s a Darth Vader notebook! That’s enough reason. My fake moleskine notebook is almost filled up so I’ll be forced to buy soon.
3. black fisherman’s hat - The one I had got lost and all the other hats I have are already in bad condition. I haven’t bought one because I don’t go shopping. It’s also hard to find one since the “cool” hat now are fedoras. 
4. Star Wars sweater from Adidas - No, I’m not obsessed with Star Wars. The one I saw is actually cool; you can unzip the hood and it looks like a small cape. But any Star Wars sweater will do.
5. running bib belt - I want one of these but never got to convince myself to buy one. This is useful for me for 5K and 10K runs where I don’t need my hydration belt but since I’ve been running 21Ks lately, there’s really no apparent need for me to buy it.
6. running socks - If you don’t know what to give to a guy, the default gift would be something he’s going to use everyday like socks, handkerchiefs, etc. I use my running socks even if I’m not training or racing and they’re all worn out.
7. Nonstick grill pan - I’ve been into cooking lately: salads, sandwiches, and pastas. Started when I changed my diet during my training a few months ago. I absolutely have no talent in cooking since my taste buds aren’t that picky (everything tastes great) but I love the ritual of preparing a dish. Now, I want to experiment with grilled meat.
8. Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts - Just because I love them. Try placing them in the freezer. I like them really cold. Works with brownies too.
9. Loafers - I actually need 2 kinds of loafers: for causal and for daily use. I need the causal for business meetings; something I can pair with jeans but I’d still look proper. I need the other just because I’m sometimes too lazy to string my mid-cut chucks.
10. Lens for my glasses - I don’t need new glasses because I love the frame that I have now. It’s light, I don’t crush it when I sleep, it doesn’t rust, I can do sports with it, and I can even wear it when watching 3D movies. The lens are all badly scratched especially the right lens. My glasses are still usable but I get glare blind easily because of the scratches.


Happy birthday, Master

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best anime this winter season


戦場の乙女 by イケヒロ

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